The Dreamer's Method to Micro Experiments | Michael Woodward


Every entrepreneur faces the feeling of being overwhelmed by their dreams and ideas.  We also set ourself up for failure and disappointment by setting unrealistic expectations and goals.   How can we overcome the pitfalls of chasing our big ideas and dreams?  Why not try a micro experiment?

A micro experiment is a quick and easy tool that you can use as you pursue those dreams and ideas.  Micro experiments make the process of idea making much more attainable, fun, and will set you up for success.  They will also help you learn, evolve and grow your idea in the process.

The Dreamer's Method to Micro Experiments has 5 steps that are quick and easy to do.

  1. Form a micro question or goal around your big idea or dream

  2. Set a time limit to run your micro experiment

  3. Run the micro experiment

  4. Stop and Reflect on your micro experiment

  5. Rinse and Repeat - do your next micro experiment

These steps and the tips that we give for each step will guide you in the process of making your ideas and dreams a reality.