Your Business Needs Video | Jason Hsiao


The online world of social media is reinventing how we market and advertise our business.  On all the platforms video is king.  But how do you create your videos if you don't have a massive budget, time to get videos created, or the expertise to creator your own?  This was the question that Jason Hsiao and Animoto set out to answer.  

Jason, his other co-founders, and their team has spent years building an online application to make the video creation process easy for the average small business owner but powerful enough for big corporations to use too.  He also gives us insights into what it truly looks like to create an innovative start-up.

In today's episode Jason shares on:

  • Why your business needs video

  • Creating a Start-up culture

  • Being best at one thing

  • Believing in your ideas

  • The builder paradigm

  • Animoto

  • Empowering others to create

  • How to get started as a start-up

  • Entrepreneurship as a team

  • Creating great content

Jason's Recommended Books
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
Radical Candor by Kim Scott
The Advantage by Patrick M. Lencioni

Jason Hsiao is the co-founder and Chief Video Officer of Animoto, an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality marketing videos, even if they have no technical skills and have never created a video before. With the mission of empowering everyone to create powerful videos regardless of age or experience, Jason founded Animoto with his high school and Dartmouth College friends back in 2006. Animoto’s certified partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Small Business Administration give it unique insight into the changing social media and business landscape -- which may be why more than 1-million businesses around the world are already using Animoto to create marketing videos. Prior to founding Animoto, Jason was a producer for MTV Networks and Comedy Central.

Interview Segments - This is where you can find each section of the interview.
An Intro to Jason: 0:45 minutes
Going Deeper into the Topics: 29:20 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 50:34 minutes