Idea Camps with Michael Woodward


Have you ever had an idea or dream but kept putting it off? Maybe you felt that the dream was to big or that you didn't have the resources to pull it off. Maybe your hangup was fear of failure or even success. No matter the reason many of us never take the steps to make our dreams a reality. We are waiting for 'one day.' That perfect day when everything is right to make those dreams a reality.

We want you to stop waiting for one day and start making those dreams a reality. We believe that you were created for purpose. You are significant and the world needs you more now than ever. In October 2019 we are launching Idea Camps to help you move past the dream and start creating a roadmap to make your dreams real today. The 3 day event will be filled with sessions with leading Thought Leaders and Speakers, Workshops, Mastermind Groups, and fun activities to help you discover that the impossible is possible.

In today's episode I share why you need to be part of Idea Camps and how you can even win a free ticket to the event. It's time to start living the life of your dreams. It's time to step up to your created purpose. It's time to move past the fear and obstacles. Take a listen and learn how Idea Camps can be the next step in your journey to the future.

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