Finding Entrepreneurial Rest with Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt worn out or burnt out? Our society is stuck on hustle and grind, but that isn't a sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle. So how can we have a life long entrepreneurial life? It all starts with rest. In today's episode we go deep into why you need rest and how you can use rest as your superpower. It's time to kill the hustle and start building a life of rest.

Can you image your life without all the hustle and grind? Wouldn't it be great if you had the time to sleep, hang with friends and family, and simply have fun? Living a hustle and grind lifestyle will kill you. Science has show the importance of rest and sleep, so why aren't you resting more?

You need rest to refuel you, find your focus, be more productive, be motivate and inspired, and stay healthy. Throughout the episode we share real steps you can start today to living your life in rest. It's time to change your life and start living a rest filled life.

Segment 1 - 1:14 minuets
Segment 2 - 15:37 minutes

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