Building Community for Dreams and Ideas | Michael Woodward

Does community impact the lives of dreamers and idea makers? We often look to entrepreneurs and world changers thinking that their is some kind of magic they use to make their ideas and dreams become reality. What really are the driving factors behind their achievements? How can they overcome failure, disappointment, obstacles, and fear? There are many factors that allow leading entrepreneurs to reach those dreams and ideas. One of the key elements are the communities around them. In today's episode we discuss how community impacts our dreams, what we can do to build authentic community, how you can connect at a deeper level, and why you need community more now than ever.

We also share about our recent experience at New Media Summit, The B-Side Podcast, and out exciting news that we were listed as the top podcast on iTunes in the business category!!! It's a powerful episode that will challenge you to chase the dream and ideas inside of you.

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