No Small Creator | Cody Wanner


Often as creators we wonder if we are making an impact, if our message matters, or if we are being heard.  Cody Wanner has started a movement helping creators understand that there are 'No Small Creators.'  His message is helping people find their voice, their message, and a tribe of followers.  

In today's episode Cody shares on:

  • Being a Creator

  • Video Production

  • Building Robust Simple Systems

  • Idea Creation

  • Moving your idea into reality

  • Documenting versus Creating

  • Choosing courage over fear as a creator

  • Personal Brands versus Business Brands

  • #nosmallcreator

  • Using personal brands to build your business

Recommended Book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Cody Wanner is an entrepreneur and Vlogger from Harrisburg Pennsylvania he started his video production company five years ago and started vlogging at the beginning of 2018. Cody is passionate about encouraging  The doers of the world .

Interview Segments - This is where you can find each section of the interview.
An Intro to Cody: 1:08 minutes
Going Deeper into the Topics: 17:17 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 56:39 minutes

No Small Creator:
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Twitter:  @codywanner