Building Successful Startups with Todd & Kim Saxton


There are things that you know, things you know you don't know, and things you don't know that you don't know. As an entrepreneur how do you navigate the icebergs that could derail your ideas, dreams, startups, or business? Todd and Kim Saxton set out to answer that very question by using their experience as entrepreneurs and academics. This led them to write 'The Titanic Effect' to help entrepreneurs successfully avoid the mistakes that most startup founders make.

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70% of startups fail. Drs. Todd & Kim Saxton, award-winning professors at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, have witnessed this firsthand, and have made it their mission to help startup founders and investors navigate the “icebergs” that so often sink startups in their early stages.

Relying on decades of academic and professional experience in business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, and angel investing, Kim and Todd co-authored The Titanic Effect, with serial tech entrepreneur Michael Cloran. The book is a practical guide to help entrepreneurs and their supporters successfully launch and grow ventures.

Kim and Todd have advised, helped launch, and invested in hundreds of startups spanning life sciences, software, sports, consumer products, and services. They serve on various boards of entrepreneurial ventures and startup advisory associations. The pair have shared their expertise from the stage to dozens of audiences, including entrepreneurship and professional development associations, academic societies, and global companies like Roche Diagnostics and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

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