A Disciplined Hustle | Michael Levitt

Ryan Williams

Everyone is talking about hustling, but the hustle is often unsustainable.  Michael Levitt shares how you can create a healthy hustle and prevent burnout in today's episode.  He tells us how a disciplined hustle is the key to reaching your full potential and goals.

In today's episode Michael and I also discuss overcoming loss and catastrophic events, hustle vs a paced journey, setting boundaries in business, keeping work at work, scheduling your life to be more productive, essentialism, creating the life you want to live, health, and much more.

Michael Levitt brings people back to life. He is the CEO & Boundaries Advisor for Breakfast Leadership, Inc.  Focused on helping individuals and leaders within corporations (Re)Learn BOUNDARIES in their work and personal lives – So that they can accomplish more, by doing less, which will save their careers and possibly their lives.

Michael lost his health, his job, his car, and his home all in 369 days. Michael teaches people on how that happened to him, so that they can make the crucial changes in their lives to prevent those losses from happening to them.

Michael is a Thought Leader, and Author of 369 Days:  How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios.  Michael has over 30 years experience career in leadership, healthcare, finance and information technology. He has led community engagement, fund raising, and government engagement, which led to thousands of patients getting access to primary healthcare, reducing emergency room visits.  Michael studied accounting and management at Walsh College, and is a certified crisis intervention trainer, from the Canadian Training Institute.

Interview Segments - This is where you can find each section of the interview.
An Intro to Michael: 1:17 minutes
Going Deeper into the Topics: 15:08 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 42:38 minutes

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