Can Holistic Health beat Big Pharma? | John McGarvey

What does it take to have 'good' health?  Big Pharma doesn't seem to be making us any healthier.  While in Tibet, John McGarvey (Co-founder and CEO of Dao Labs) discovered ancient Chinese medicine.  This journey made him rethink health and solving modern problems with old approaches.  He is now on a journey to share products that nurture positive health into our lives.  

In today's episode John shares on:

  • Authenticity in business

  • Unexpected journey of entrepreneurship

  • Holistic Health

  • Holistic health vs Big Pharma

  • Chinese medicine

  • Old approaches to solve modern problems

  • Finding better health

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John McGarvey is a Minneapolis-based entrepreneur and a seasoned executive in the natural food industry. John took a frozen food company from nearly zero to over 10,000 points of sales distribution across the United States. Most recently, John co-founded DAO Labs, a supplement and lifestyle company. DAO Labs is changing the way western consumers approach health, by embracing the 2,500 year-old formulas and practices of Chinese medicine in sustainable, easy-to-understand formats. John earned his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management and holds a B.A. from Northwestern University. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two kids.

Interview Segments - This is where you can find each section of the interview.
An Intro to John: 1:11 minutes
Going Deeper into the Topics: 17:12 minutes
Rapid Fire Questions: 44:13 minutes

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