Collaborative Workspaces with Launch Pad


CoWorking is all the rage with companies like WeWork leading the way, but what happens when your coworking space puts a community of entrepreneurship at the core of it's focus. That's what Chris Schultz and Anne Driscoll set out to do when the build the first Launch Pad CoWorking space in New Orleans. Not only did they want to create great work environments but they wanted to reinvent how the city viewed business and entrepreneurship. In today's episode we discuss community, entrepreneurship, innovation, changing how cities view entrepreneurs, how to build culture, work / life blend, and more.

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About Launch Pad
Launch Pad is dedicated to giving people the courage to create the company or career they have always dreamed of. Driven by the power of the internet and global distribution talent, people can work from anywhere.

Launch Pad started in 2009, with simple idea that bringing all of the “doers” in New Orleans into the same place to work every day would build community and catalyze the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

It worked. In the last 10 years companies working at Launch Pad in New Orleans have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and created more than 5000 jobs.

Today, Launch Pad is opening coworking spaces and bringing its strong community and commitment to the success of our members momentum markets around the US. We define our strategy as – People with Pride, Cities with Soul.

Success today requires taking command of your career and working entrepreneurially. Launch Pad is a community of people who will be your first believers. They create a great place to work so you can be productive and get ahead.

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