The Hierarchy of Business with Marissa Orr


How we lead in business is ever evolving but what if our power driven leadership methods are actually hindering our teams and growth? Marissa Orr wants to change the game and redefine healthy leadership to empower our teams and allow them to have the freedom to work with their own personality and strengths. This new model helps workers find deeper fulfillment and joy in the jobs that they do. It also benefits businesses as they see new potential from the perspective of their employees. In today's episode not only do we discuss this new method of leadership but we also chat about true feminism, corporate disfunction, working for tech giants like Google and Facebook, and what is really driving the gender gap.

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About Marissa Orr

During her 15 years at today’s top tech giants, Facebook and Google, Marissa became disenchanted with the steady stream of advice coming from most female leadership programs. Ignoring the real concerns faced by most working women and offering prescriptions for success that hinged on acting more like men. She wrote Lean Out to tell another side of the story of women at work.

Lean Out, The Truth About Women, Power, and the Workplace released by HarperCollins Leadership in June 2019. Follow Marissa on Twitter @marissabethOrr and on Medium @marissaOrr.

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