A Culture of Ideas | Michael Woodward


How are dreams and ideas impacted by community and culture?  How does community and culture impact ideas?  Understanding how culture and community impact your life will help you become a better dreamer and entrepreneur.

In today's episode we dive deep into the impacts community and culture have on our lives as dreamers and idea makers.  This impact can set you up for success or failure in the pursuit of creation and innovation.  We discuss micro and macro community, groupthink, the importance of mentoring and masterminds, being intentional about engaging the right culture and community, how to find true community, and much more.

We discuss how culture informs identity,  identity creates beliefs, beliefs guide behavior, and behavior fuels action.  Most importantly as dreamers and innovators we need to be aware and intentional of the choices we make for the cultures and communities we engage.

Impact of Culture Article referenced in episode: