E23 | Innovating Experiential Restaurants | Jenny Dorsey

Chef Jenny Dorsey is exploring the possibilities of combining food, conversation, and experience in new an innovative ways. Her restaurant, Wednesdays, has been critically acclaimed .  In this episode Jenny shares her story of finding her passion and choosing to chase her dream instead of the path she was on.  We also discuss New York City, her new venture Studio 10x, and the importance of conversation, and so much more.  This fun episode will make you rethink taking the safe route instead of the dream buried inside.

About Chef Jenny Dorsey

Jenny is a professional chef specializing in R&D and experiential gastronomy. What's that? She makes innovative, tasty food and create immersive environments for guests to experience it. In short, she help brands engage with their audience on a deeper level by utilizing the art of food & drink.

Her foray into the world of experiential gastronomy started when She started Wednesdays in 2014. Wednesdays is a dinner tasting restaurant that combines fine dining with engaging conversation to push the boundaries of an intellectually stimulating dinner party. It has since been named one of the best NYC dining experiences by publications such as Business Insider, Thrillist, and UrbanDaddy.

While it's (now) no surprise she ended up in culinary arts, she first started my career in management consulting for fashion brands. She was a MBA at Columbia Business School before she realized she needed to pursue her dreams and left for culinary school. After graduation she worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC & SF and was part of Global R&D for Le Pain Quotidien before taking a leap of faith to start her own two businesses. She has since received Bocuse d'Or & James Beard Foundation grants to further her work and have been able to share her art on Food & Oxygen Network (last year she beat Bobby Flay!). The food industry has fulfilled her in a way she would never have anticipated.

She is a believe in the power of food & drink to forge connections and open meaningful dialogue. Experiences created with purpose is a powerful tool resonate with others and even change minds. Her goal is to use my craft in a way that can bring all of us closer together. She hopes you will be part of that journey!

Website: http://www.jennydorsey.co/
Wednesdays: http://www.wednesdays.nyc/
Make NYC Yours: https://www.makenycyours.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chefjennydorsey
Instagram: https://instagram.com/chefjennydorsey
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jennyw11
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chefjennydorsey