How to be a disruptor with Jezzibell Gilmore


Often we are told that we should accept that status quo. The way things are done is the best way to do them. But what happens when you see a different solution or path to reinvent a space. This is what Jezzibell Gilmore is doing with her company Packet Fabric. PacketFabric is changing network services. Today's network infrastructure is much like the electrical grid; it's lagged behind the rest of world, and hasn't kept pace with advancements in technology. Procuring network services to provision simple services to move data from one point to another takes months of work and man power. We're talking months of preparation and operational cost - all to move data from Los Angeles to New York in 65 milliseconds.

Jezzibell was an early stage employee of AboveNet Communications and Akamai Technologies, and previously served as VP of Operations at RoamData, as well as VP of Business Development for GTT. Now she has co-founded Packet Fabric and serves as their SVP Business Development.

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