The Innovation of Robotics | C.J. Windisch


Innovation in technology is rapidly evolving.  One of the hot and growing industries in technology is robotics.  But how do you make robotics easy to use and affordable for every day life?  C.J. Windisch is on a journey to bring robotics to the masses.

In today's episode C.J. and I discuss robotics, using technology to make life better, software vs hardware, building machines, learning by doing, innovation, why tech founders should know foundational code, the maker movement, focused work, social responsibility in robotics, staying motivated, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Christopher Windisch, CEO and founder of Robotika, is a successful Roboticist, Maker, and Thought Leader. Known for his extensive experience in the software engineering space, Windisch has made a major impact in the Maker movement and Robotics field. He has co-founded various companies, including Slash8. After years of experience as a software engineer at companies such as Box and Microsoft, Windisch decided to take his passion for Robotics and transition into that field. In 2017, he founded Robotika, a Robotics company that is spearheading a new wave of robotics products that are not only practical, but also affordable. His ultimate goal is to create robotics products for the masses. In addition to his enthusiasm for robotics engineering, Windisch has a gift for community building. He has worked with partners to grow and develop multiple tech communities, primarily in the Los Angeles area, including LA Tech Happy Hour and LA Tech Rise, with plans to expand globally.

With the Tinker & Build YouTube channel, Windisch has taken the intricate practices of robotics engineering and made them accessible to a wider audience. His goals are to create a platform to publish content, via their YouTube channel, that is not only comprehensible to the budding Makers, but also digestible for anyone and everyone interested in learning about robotics.

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