Bonus | Beyond Bitcoin & Blockchain | Matthew Schutte

This is a bonus episode with Matthew Schutte.  You can find part one at Beyond Bitcoin & Blockchain.  You can also find our first interview with Matthew from Season One: The Evolution of Community, Economy, and the Internet.

Matthew Schutte is the Communications Director for Holo.  Holo is an organization re-imagining the internet as a distributed network of users.  Their approach will make peer-to-peer connection online possible.  Holo is a community of passionate humans building a distributed cloud, owned and run by users like you and me.

Holo provides a way to unleash the enormous idle capacity in everyone’s computers. This gives us the power to build vibrant cloud hosting communities that will challenge how the Internet monopolies control our data and our interactions. Holo offers each of us the ability to participate by sharing, earning, and building the future of the web.

In today's episode Matthew shares why we need to go beyond Cryptocurrency and Blockchain if we really want to see a change in the world of virtual community.  We also discuss the successful launch of their Indigogo campaign that has raised over $500,000 and double their goal.  

Topics covered in this episode: Inspiration from Nature, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Innovation, Building Community, and much more.

We are fragile because of the fear of failure.  - Matthew Schutte

Meta Currency Project:
Collaborative Advantage: or

About Matthew Schutte

Matthew is drawn to complex challenges that include: surfing 50 foot waves at Mavericks, rethinking the role of privacy in a societyarchitecting a more useful structure for the internet, & guiding enterprise organizations through changes to their structure and processes that will allow them to adapt and thrive in an age of rapid change.

He tends to focus on projects that satisfy two goals:

  1. they feel like they will have a significant impact on the world &

  2. the process of taking them on will be a whole lot of fun

There is a balance, of course. Some activities make more of an impact and others are simply unbridled entertainment.  While not sure how much of an impact on the world paddling into a big wave has, but somehow, for that brief moment in time, all of the mental clutter seems to disappear as every ounce of my being becomes focused on making the drop.  Plus, facing your own mortality on a somewhat regular basis makes all the heady stuff seem that much less consequential … and thus easy to take on.