The Art of Luthiery with Stuart Day


Stuart Day is a master luthier who has studied under some of the biggest names in the guitar building industry but now he is building multiple businesses to build a sustainable business model. Many who chase their dreams don't realize that there is more to entrepreneurship than doing what you love. Building a business is hard work and Stuart had to learn how to go beyond building guitars to learn how to build a business. Stuart has now diversified and also runs multiple businesses in different industries. In today's episode Stuart shares his story of how he became and entrepreneur and why turning your passion into a business is often much harder than expected. We also chat about mentoring, regenerative farming, real estate, building marketing firms, the power of how we learn, creating a new model for apprenticeship, and what true materialism should mean.

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Stuart Day has been practicing the fine art of lutherie for all of his adult life. After working with some of the finest in the industry Stuart is now proud to offer his own selection of world class acoustic Arch-top and Flat-top steel string guitars. Each and every Stuart Day Guitar is an exquisite, handcrafted, reflection of Stuart's years of experience and dedication to the craft of Lutherie.

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