Simplicity in Entrepreneurship | Michael Woodward

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey.  What if I told you that you are making it harder?  Today I share why simplicity should be the core of how you should chase your big ideas and dreams.  In the episode we redefine simplicity and complexity to better communicate how you can simplify ideas and dreams. 

Creating Work with Purpose | Jeremy Ryan Slate

Does your work matter?  Are you living with purpose?  Jeremy Ryan Slate shares how he stopped hating his life and started creating a life of purpose.  Now he helps others get their message heard by the right audience.  Jeremy will share how you can start making your work have purpose!

Mission Centered Entrepreneur & Business | Liz Theresa

Liz Theresa is creating a fresh approach to web design and copywriting taking her clients from concept to creation.  The key to good copy is to make your words count.  This has led Liz on a journey to become a mission centered entrepreneur that is building a business filled with passion and purpose.

The Legal Entrepreneur | Rachel Brenke

Starting an entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming. There are so many things that you need to do.  One of the areas that is often overlooked is the legal responsibilities of starting your entrepreneurial journey.  What entity type should you be, how do I write a contract, copyrights, trademarks, and countless other questions are unknown to those chasing big ideas and dreams.

Dealing with Disappointment | Michael Woodward

Every entrepreneur faces disappointment when chasing and creating their big ideas and dreams. It often can challenge us to choose if we will stay the course or derail our plans forever. Anyone chasing big ideas and dreams encounters moments of fear, failure, being overwhelmed, and so many other emotions…but disappointment is one of the most difficult emotions to overcome.  

Coaches, Mentors, and Leaders | Jim Akers

What does it take to build success?  Jim Akers shares why community is the key to business success.  You can not get where you want to go on your own.  We were created for community.  In entrepreneurship a trusted coach, mentor, and leader will help you on the journey.  It's the support of each other and input that can drive us past fear, failure, and other obstacles to make our dreams real!

Communicating Your Big Idea | Michael Woodward

Have you ever felt like others didn't understand your idea?  Maybe you don't feel you don't know how you can craft the right message for you big idea?  Or your might feel isolated and that you are the only one that get's your idea?  No matter your struggle, communication is the key to getting others to help you make your big idea or dream a reality.  It's the difference between doing it alone or brining others along the journey from dream to reality.  

Changing your Future Story | Jason Treu

If you don't like your current story, it's not to late to change your future story.  Jason Treu tells us how we can create a blueprint for our future.

In today's episode we discuss creating a career blueprint, realizing your potential, removing your blindspots, the highs and low of entrepreneurship, finding happiness and fulfillment, purpose, the social aspects of business, drive versus motivation, and much more.

Overcoming a Broken Healthcare System | Dr. Phil Carson

What is the future for health care?  How can we find true health?  Dr. Phil Carson shares his journey of finding the root causes in his own life and making the changes to create good health.  It's time to rethink medicine, big pharma, an our lifestyles as a whole.  It's time for using natural solutions to solve our health problems.

The Story Behind CBS's Scorpion | Walter O'Brien

Walter O'Brien is the foundation of the popular CBS TV show, Scorpion.  The show is based on the life of the real Walter O'Brien.  On today's episode the real Walter O'Brien share how the show is inspiring a new generation of geniuses to tap into their full potential.  We also dive deep into how matching IQ and EQ on your team is the key to unlocking it's full potential. 

Unstuck from Safe | Captain Jim Palmer

How can you stop living the 'safe life' and start living the 'adventure of your life?'  Captain Jim Palmer shares how he and his wife sold their home, bought the boat, and started their own adventure.  He also shares how he runs a successful business from the high seas ultimately creating life on his terms.

Seeing The Unknown | Michael Woodward

How do you see the unknown?  Did you ever wonder how visionaries like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and others have been able to see what others could not?  Today we dive deep into seeing the unknown and becoming the visionary leader you have always wanted to become.  We share '10 traits of visionary leaders' and '7 ways you can start seeing the unknown'.