E68 | Growing up Jewish in an Amish World | Andy Beckerman

Creating ideas and finding your dream can feel impossible to reach.  Andy Beckerman shares his journey into finding his true identity and chasing his dreams, something that he didn't think could ever happen.  In part one of our episode with Andy we discuss comedy, finding your identity, discovery your dreams, getting honest with yourself, dealing with the unexpected, the process of ideas and creativity, getting past your safety net, and so much more.

Andy Beckerman has been writing and performing comedy in New York City since 2009. He recently co-created and executive produced a comedic pilot about race called INSIDE CAUCASIA for truTV and is currently serving as a consultant on Jessica Williams’ Comedy Central pilot. Previously, he has written for shows like THE PETE HOLMES SHOW (TBS) and CEDRIC'S BARBER BATTLE (The CW).

Andy also produces and hosts the popular interview podcast BEGINNINGS about the creative origins of writers and performers. From 2011 to 2013, Beginnings was also taped monthly at UCB East, and can now be found there intermittently. In addition to Beginnings, Andy also hosts the gameshow podcast SNAP IMPRESSION, where contestants are challenged to do off-the-cuff impressions of celebrities, fictional characters and historical personages, and the monthly live show Couples Therapy, with his almost-wife and Broad City writer Naomi Ekperigin. His first indie pilot GRUMPKIN HOLLOW was a finalist in the 2012 New York Television Festival/Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition.

Previously, Andy worked with his friend Mark as a duo named Wrestling Team. They produced a number of stages shows, including the musicals ROCKEFELLER CENTAUR and THE CREEP TWINS - both of which were featured at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival - and videos, including the Channel 101 series CENTS AND CENTS' ABILITIES, as well as three episodes of their independent eponymous sketch show. The final episode entitled CHARCOAL, BONEMEAL, BERGMAN will be released in 2017.

Website: http://andybeckerman.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndyBeckerman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andybeckerman/
Podcasts: http://beginningspod.com/ | http://snapimpression.com/