Communicating Your Big Idea | Michael Woodward


Have you ever felt like others didn't understand your idea?  Maybe you don't feel you don't know how you can craft the right message for you big idea?  Or your might feel isolated and that you are the only one that get's your idea?  No matter your struggle, communication is the key to getting others to help you make your big idea or dream a reality.  It's the difference between doing it alone or brining others along the journey from dream to reality.  

On today's podcast we give you 7 steps to help you communicate your big idea.  These steps will help you get others excited about the idea you are sharing with them.  They will invite others to join your big idea and help you make it a movement.  No matter your idea you need to be able to communicate it to others so that they can see your vision for the future.

6 Steps for Communicating Your Big Idea
1. Don't rush the process
2. Be clear and simple
3. Present a single idea
4. Make the audience the hero
5. Get personal
6. Let others own the idea
7. Craft a story