Facing The Unknown | Michael Woodward


The Unknown is often visited on our journey as dreamers with big ideas.  How we face it will change the outcomes in our lives.  Having a battle plan for the changing the unknown into an adventure will help us reach our destination.

In today's episode we dive deep into the unknown and how you can face it to reach your big ideas and dreams.  I give you a peak into my own life and how the unknown is impacting me both in the past and in the future.  Fear is often the weapon that the unknown uses to hold us back.

As we dive deep into the unknown we discuss Joseph Cambell's seventeen stages of the Hero's Journey.  We also discuss how living in the known versus the unknown will change the impact and legacy you will leave behind.  Living in the unknown is filled with many blessings too.  At the end of the episode I give you a roadmap to facing the unknown and changing the world.

The Hero's Journey:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero%27s_journey