The Power of Faith with Michael Woodward


Faith is a powerful tool in the journey of chasing big ideas and dreams. It often is the driving force into facing our fears, step into the unknown, and put our trust into things bigger than us. In today's episode we dive deep into the journey of faith and how it can superpower our dreams.

In the first segment we discuss why faith matters.
1) It kills fear
2) It gives us hope
3) It allows us to trust
4) It reminds us of what matters / our priorities
5) It gives us confidence

In our second segment we chat about 'Where to find faith.' And in our final segment we discuss the steps to faith including:

1) Face fear, the unknown, the situations you face
2) Rise above what you see and feel
3) Take Action
4) Find joy in the suffering
5) Pray, meditate, reflect
6) Sleep
7) Speak with certainty, know where you are going and paint that picture
8) Celebrate small victories
9) Don't fear failure, lean into it and learn
10) Ask for help
11) Celebrate others and their wins
12) Stay humble