E59 | The cost of inefficiency | Gavin Zuchlinski

Gavin Zuchlinski

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to do something?  That was the birthplace of Acuity Scheduling.  Gavin Zuchlinski was searching for a way to help his mom become more efficient with scheduling appointments for her customers.  He didn't find the solution, so he built it.  

In 2006 Acuity Scheduling was born.  Along the way they have become the industry leader for business scheduling.  As the company grew, Gavin knew he had to leave the safety of his Cybersecurity job (a job he loved) for the unknown of growing Acuity Scheduling.  They have now served over 50,000 businesses with making their scheduling needs efficient proving that it was worth the risk to create something amazing.

Topics covered in this episode: A love for coffee, The world of coding, The complexity of scheduling, The value of time, The complexity of building simple, The importance of customer service, Building a distributed team, Making work fun, and so much more.

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