From Army to Entrepreneur | Jason Cavness


Jason Cavness is a retired army officer who is now impacting the world through entrepreneurship.  He started a Human Resources company to help companies turn their bad HR practice into positive change.  Jason also helps businesses save money through better HR.

In the episode Jason shares his entrepreneurial story.  We discuss how to build strong teams by focusing on common values instead of company culture, how to find employees in unusual places, the startup culture, being in a community of entrepreneurs, podcasting, finding your voice, and much more.

Jason Cavness is a retired U.S. Army officer who served for 25 years including 8 years as an enlisted member.  He is currently the CEO and Founder of cavnessHR.  cavnessHR delivers Human Resource Services to U.S. companies with less than 50 employees. The are transforming the U.S. HR outsourcing industry. 

Jason also hosts the cavnessHR podcast where he talks to small business owners, founders and people in tech, startups and HR.  He is very involved in the Seattle – Tacoma startup community.  His personal motto is “Be Great Every Day”.  He does his best to add value and to help to solve problems daily.  Jason has been married to his wife Gale for 22 and have 3 grown children.

Interview Segments - This is where you can find each section of the interview.
Intro / About Jason: 1:17 minutes
Interview: 5:24 minutes
Rapid Rire Questions: 33:53 minutes