Data Driven Decisions with Jim Caruso


Big data has been at the center of conversation is business, politics, and marketing for the last few years. We are in a time in history in which we have more data than ever before. Data is great, but what do we do to fully understand it and use it to the benefit of building our dreams, ideas, and businesses? Jim Caruso is the co-founder and CEO of Apollo Program where they have set out to allow their customers to understand their customers better through the use of data. This allows them to make wise decisions on the campaigns they create, the people they target, and the messages they share. In today's episode we go deep into the topic of data, how to use it, the importance of privacy, and the culture of tech based startups.

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About Apollo Program
Apollo is a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that listens to billions of data signals from a wide variety of content, creative and in-app sources, enabling brands to assess real customer behavior at scale. These behavioral insights can be applied across an entire business, from product planning to marketing execution.

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