Finding Community in Business with John Bundy


To be successful in business you quickly learn that you need the support of the people around you. But often those closest to you do not know how to help you. You need to find a community of entrepreneurs and business owners. In theory that makes sense and is an easy concept to understand. But where do you find this community? How do you help and support each other? In today's episode John Bundy and I go deep into the importance of community in the entrepreneurial journey.

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About John Bundy
Originally from Long Island, New York. John Bundy has been a Designer/Creative Director for over 20 years. He has worked on projects for companies such as Peace Frogs and Organic Avenue. As owner/creative director os Scribe Design he and his team create humorous video ads and social media strategies to draw the attention of the crowd to the client's products or services. John currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Yorktown Virginia.

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