How to Use Micro-Experiments to Innovate in Your Business with Michael Woodward


Many of us run our businesses but are so focused on what we are doing today that we forget to plan for the future. We respond to the emergency of today without ever thinking about how we can grow and innovate our products, services, and message to better impact our customers. In today's episode we are going deep into how we can use micro-experiments to innovate in our businesses. Micro-Experiments are a powerful tool because they remove many of the obstacles we face when wanting to step into the dreams and ideas we have for our business.

In the first segment we chat about innovation versus inventing. While the two go hand in hand, they are massively different. Knowing when you should innovate or invent in your space is critical for setting up your business to flourish against your competition. Then we discuss the places in your business that you can use innovation strategies to rapidly grow. Finally we close out the segment by talking about the difference between micro and macro innovation and how we often focus on macro innovation when instead we should focus on micro innovation to quickly grow our products, services, and messages.

In our second segment we go deep into the Dreamers Guide to Micro-Experiments. We also discuss how you can use micro-experiments in your business and life to turn dreams and ideas into reality.

We close out today's episode by giving you some examples right here from jumbleThink of micro-experiments we have already done and new micro-experiments that we are trying right now. As we close the episode I share 6 tips on how you can start the process in innovating in your business.

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