The Simplicity Filter | Milana Leshinsky


Simplicity is a lost art. Milana shows us how to use the simplicity filter and principle to guide our entrepreneurial journey.Milana Leshinsky has been on an unexpected journey.  Through he life she has mastered the art of adjusting to the unknown.  On today's episode Milana shares about simplicity, the power of perspective, webinars / telesummits / virtual summits, and finding our message and passions.  

Simplicity Circle Founder Milana Leshinsky is creating a simplicity revolution for coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses with ease. Creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution, author of Coaching Millions, co-founder of JV Insider Circle, and an inventor of telesummit, Milana is known as a serial entrepreneur and paradigm shifter by many luminaries. She came from Soviet Ukraine 25 years ago as a classical musician with zero knowledge of the business world, and has built multiple six and seven-figure businesses. Today she’s passionate about showing entrepreneurs how to use simplicity as a growth strategy. Goodbye complexity and overwhelm. Hello simplicity, profits, and ease.

Inventor of telesummits and founder of Telesummit Academy, Milana is teaching everything you need to know about hosting profitable online summits and virtual conferences.

Milana originally came up with this idea in response to having two small kids and being unable to travel to industry conferences and events, so she decided to create her own.

Since then, thousands of telesummits have been hosted in hundreds of industries, bringing peers and experts together to learn from each other.  

A telesummit allows you to build your list, become a celebrated expert, get into the big leagues, and accelerate your business growth like no other marketing strategy out there.

As the “queen of simplicity”, Milana simplifies the entire process of organizing a telesummit so that anyone, even a complete newbie, can hold one successfully.

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