The Power of Perseverance with Michael Woodward


In today's episode we give you an update on some exciting news around Idea Camps, upcoming guests, and more news from jumbleThink. Later in the episode we talk about The Power of Perseverance as we chase our dreams and ideas.

In our modern time perseverance has gone out of vogue. We want quick answers, fast success, and an easy journey of making our dreams and ideas a reality. For some this is their reality, however for most of us the journey is much harder. The Power of Perseverance is what we need to see our dreams and ideas come into fruition. My own journey has been one that is built on perseverance. I share a few of my own stories past and present on how perseverance has been a powerful tool in making my dreams and ideas become real.

Later in the episode I share 8 tips on how to make perseverance your super power too.

  1. Set clear mini-goals

  2. Celebrate victories and success

  3. Maintain optimism and enthusiasm

  4. Get the right people around you to encourage you

  5. Stay Focused

  6. Work Hard

  7. When you want to give up, do one more thing

  8. Take care of yourself and make sure to get rest