The Power of Perseverance with Michael Woodward


What does it take to make your dreams and ideas a reality? For some, they seem to have the fast track to success but is that what is really going on. In today's show, we talk about the power of Perseverance. (Checkout time markers below if you want to jump to a specific segment)

Before we dive into perseverance, we kick off the episode by answering a few of our listener questions about Entrepreneurship.
1) How do you define entrepreneurship? (6:38)
2) How can kids learn entrepreneurial skills? (9:45)
3) Why is entrepreneurship considered a lonely journey? (14:38)

In our second segment, we give you an update on what's going on at jumbleThink. (17:51)
We update you on Idea Camps, changes to the podcast/radio show, and a look at some upcoming guest interviews.

In our third segment, we chat about 'The Power of Perseverance.' (27:08)
1) What is perseverance?
2) A story about how perseverance impacted my own journey.
3) Breaking down what perseverance really means.
4) 5 tools to make perseverance a habit in your life as an entrepreneur.

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