E95 | Creating a Culture of Collaboration | Steve Lowisz


Steve Lowisz is a specialist in the world of Human Resources, entrepreneurial best practices, and talent management.  In today's episode he give insights into identifying talent including where to find it, what to do with it, how to develop it, and how to maintain and retain it.  We also discuss purpose versus motivation.  Steve dives deep into the importance to culture in your organization and how a culture of diversity can set you up for success.  

'Who you are tomorrow should be more than who you are today.' - Steve Lowisz

A globally recognized entrepreneur, Steve Lowisz is a highly rated public speaker and business expert. Steve is often requested by leading conferences and symposiums to share his insight and recommendations on entrepreneurial best practices and talent management strategies on a global scale.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resource industry, Steve also frequently contributes to publications regarding entrepreneurship, recruiting, and professional leadership strategies – with client satisfaction at the forefront.

With a continual goal to spread the word of successful business practices to fellow partners, associates and colleagues, Steve has engaged with leadership teams at Cisco Systems, Starbucks, Whirlpool, Coca Cola, Miller, Walgreens and many others.

Steve founded Qualigence International, the largest Recruitment Research in the U.S., in 1999. He founded the organization with the goal to stand apart from traditional recruiting and search firms, and is considered a Michigan Top 50 Company to watch due to the firm's explosive growth and success.

Website: https://stevelowisz.com/
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