E29 | The Importance of Impact | Paul Maskill

Paul Maskill is blogger, podcaster, and business coach specializing in creating systems and structures to scale local service businesses.  Paul has worked in the financial industry, ran his own successful businesses, and helped other business owners find freedom in their businesses.  His podcast 'The Business Owner's Freedom Formula' is filled with amazing stories from business owners.  In this episode we learn more about Paul's journey in finding his passions and chasing his dream.

Topics covered in this episode: The importance of impact, Having gratification in what you do, Being and becoming an entrepreneur, What we can learn from franchises, Systems & Structures for success in business, How to find freedom in business ownership, Replicating yourself in your business, How to scale a business, Your business shouldn't need you to run, How to vet a new idea, How to start your idea/dream.