E49 | Creating a Brand that Gives Back | Jellaine Dee

From weekend market stalls to taking on multinational beauty heavy weights, Jellaine Dee's climb to the top has been both rapid and unconventional.  The Gold Coast local began her career in the advertising industry, but fairly quickly discovered she had the “entrepreneurial bug”.

Jellaine is the founder and Creative Director of Cherry Blooms.  Cherry Blooms’ goal is to be in the hearts and makeup bags of every woman in the world.  When Jellaine stumbled upon a Fiber Lash product while browsing at a Korean beauty store, she instinctively knew she’d found inspiration for a flagship product – a product that she became obsessed with fine-tuning and bringing to the west. She tweaked the formulation to add high quality beeswax and hyper allergenic plant-based fibers and began manufacturing the Brush On Fiber Lash Kit under her Cherry Blooms’ brand.

Jellaine is again turning her focus on changing the world of beauty by creating products that give back and make a difference in the world. 

Topics covered in this episode: Being more than just a pretty brand, Creating products that make a difference, Listening to your gut, Multiplying what works, Removing the separation between you and the customer, Finding what resonates with you, Finding Fulfillment in what you do, and so much more.

Recently Steve wrote a book titled 'Clarity: How to get it, How to keep it, How to use it to balance your life.'  Steve is also a highly respected speaker traveling globally to share his message of Clarity!  

Topics covered in this episode: A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn from it, Working with family, Building world class brands and businesses, Being a continual learner, The importance of passion, Clarity, Goal-setting, and so much more.