E74 | Overcoming Incremental Innovations | Christos Shepherd


Christos Shepherd is the Co-Founder of Campfire and an Ex-Airline Boss.  Fresh out of undergrad, Christos started - and later sold - Air Thalassa, a Greek airline.  He went on to help governments and entrepreneurs in Africa to start airlines of their own.  During a stint at JetBlue, he launched award-winning products like Mint - America's first-ever lie-flat experience.

Born in Jamaica but given a Greek name, raised in London but now living in New York, married to a Nigerian and learning Chinese (very slowly), Christos' story spans the world.  He fronted his own TV show in China, wrote for The Economist, and last yer got an MBA from Stanford.  

These days, Christos is co-founder of Campfire, a revolutionary audio app that pays users to ask great questions to their favorite experts, celebrities, and podcasters.  Besides eliciting and sharing intimate audio stories, users can donate their earnings to their favorite charities.  On Campfire, social media does social good.  You (and your favorite charities) get paid to answer listeners' questions and Campfire's Silicon Vally technology eliminates trolls and repetitive questions.  Engaging with your audience has become a breeze. 

Website: campfire.fm