E73 | How to Stand Out in a Noisy World | Michael Gebben


Michael Gebben spent 7 years building a video company that was the envy of everyone in his field, GebbsTV.  One day he woke up to the realization that he’d built a cage of his own making and given up so much of his life in the name of something that didn’t really mean a whole lot.  So he hit reset, and over the last three years, rebuilt his life and his career around what matters and even launched a new inspirational YouTube Channel.  He has profoundly changed is metrics for success.

Michael’s current company, Jumpstarters, helps creative entrepreneurs to get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with individuals such as Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson.  Michael is a big believer in Massive Imperfect Action rather than getting stuck in the minutia and never moving forward.

Topics in this episode: Finding Identity, Entrepreneurship, Finding and Focusing on what Matters, Building a business built on relationships, The power of being a specialist, Finding your sweet spot, Defining Success, Not being like everyone else, Overcome fear with Clarity, and so much more.

MIA: http://takemia.com/
Jumpstarters: http://jumpstarters.net/
Michael Gebben: http://michaelgebben.com/