How to know you found your dream | Michael Woodward


How do you know if you've found your big dream?  This is a question that I often hear and can be difficult to answer.  For each of us our journey to discovery and living our dream can be filled with fear.  Knowing how to start well can set a foundation for success in our journey making that dream a reality. 

Recently I was asked to answer it on Quora.  In today's episode we dive deeper into 4 easy steps to know if you have found your dream.  

1) Give it Time
2) Find an Expert
3) Count the Cost
4) Talents & Skills

We've also created a quick and free Infographic to help you remember the steps.  Fill out out the form below to get the free resource.  In the episode I shared a few other resources to help you on your journey of becoming a dreamer.  

1) The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson - This book will help you understand the different phases and obstacles that you might encounter chasing your dream. It’s a short and fun read.

2) Strength Finder 2.0 - This is a great book for identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

3) 16 Personalities - This is a free website that will help you understand your personality. It is incredibly helpful with understanding identity which is really helpful as a person chasing their dreams.

Free 'How do I know I've found my big dream' infographic.

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