E50 | The Importance of Observation | Michael Tanzillo

Michael Tanzillo is an artist and designer based in New York. Michael holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The Ohio State University and Master of Fine Arts degree from The Savannah College of Art and Design. Since 2004, Michael has worked professionally in a number of disciplines including painting, photography, web design, product design, branding, and 3D imaging. Michael has also worked as a Senior Artist at Blue Sky Animation studios lending his artistic talents to multiple Ice Age films, the Rio series, The Peanuts Movie, Epic, and the upcoming Ferdinand film. Along with his artistic work, Michael is a published author and educator.

In 2015, Michael expanded into the world of interior design and space management.  He fell in love with the process and immediately began renovating his own apartment to fit his life. Since then, he has used his gained knowledge to help others achieve the homes and work spaces they have always desired.

Although Michael enlists the super powers of many talented artists and writers, he is the driving force behind Space Optimized and the one you will most likely be working with.

Topics covered in this episode: Design, Minimalism, Tiny House Movement, Collaboration in Creativity, Curiosity, Purpose & Passion, and so much more.

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