E63 | The Trial and Error of Innovation | PJ Jonas

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PJ Jonas is a business owner, goat-wrangler, entrepreneur, and mother. After getting goats to provide healthy milk for her eight children, she decided to put some excess milk into a batch of handmade soap. That decision was the beginning of Goat Milk Stuff, a growing goat milk products business that has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, The Huckabee Show, and in “O”, the Oprah Magazine.

What started with an initial small batch of soap has expanded into a host of goat milk items such as goat milk soaps, cheeses, candies, fudge, gelato and more. It’s a team effort to keep the farm running, make and ship all the products, and welcome visitors to the farm. PJ’s husband, eight children (aged 9 to 19), and six full-time employees, all work hard to promote the goodness of goat milk.

With over nineteen years of homeschooling children under her belt, as well as eight years of running a business, PJ enjoys talking to mothers and entrepreneurs across the world about living the best life they can live. She puts her systems engineering degree from the University of Virginia to good use every day, maximizing efficiencies in the processes of her business, farm, and household.

Managing change in a dynamic work environment and constantly re-evaluating what is working and what isn’t are some of PJ’s strengths. A general hatred of clutter, and all other time and energy thieves, helps PJ decide what needs to go; but not everything is subject to change. PJ’s faith in Jesus along with a strong work ethic are non-negotiables that support some of her favorite maxims like the Pareto Principle, the Golden Rule, and the Youngest-Person Rule. These all work together, not so much in a work-life balance that so many seem to be seeking, but rather in a work-family-school-faith integration that all happens simultaneously and continuously.

Topics covered in this episode: Innovation, Living a life of adventure, Importance of Faith, Thought Out Risk Taking, Building an accidental million dollar business, Creating products that are good for you, Hard work and good timing, Setting yourself apart with quality, Going agains the big guy, Innovation, Family, Faith, Healthy systems, Homeschooling, Learning, and so much more.

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