E44 | Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome | Raj Daniels

Raj Daniels is the CEO and VP of Enthusiasm for OpenTime.  He is also an active blogger and business consultant.  He has a passion for seeing people reconnected to Face to Face interaction instead of being lost in Social Media.  His passion for mentoring has impacted people in all age brackets.  

OpenTime is an app that helps individuals connect Face to Face.  They create a more meaningful human experience by helping people spend more time with other people in person. Unlike technology such as social media and virtual reality, our software connects people in a way technology cannot ever replace; face-to-face.

Topics covered in this episode: Entrepreneurship and family balance, Mentoring, the Imposter Syndrome, A culture lost in social media, the millennial generation, and so much more.

Millennials are a the product of the generations that proceeded them. - Raj Daniels.

Website: http://www.rajdaniels.com/
OpenTime: https://opentimeapp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/raj_daniels

About Raj Daniels

Raj is an experienced business consultant and has been involved in business ventures across several verticals as a consultant, owner, investor and advisor. He has a personal passion for strategy and vision building that has allowed him to lead successful strategic initiatives for both profit and non-profit organizations. Raj’s current role is CEO & VP of Enthusiasm of OpenTime. And he is an  evangelist of the Dallas startup ecosystem and community builder.

Raj is a firm believer in contributing back to society and has given back by conducting personal growth seminars for teens, mentoring MBA students and entrepreneur camps. He has also served on the board of for profit and non-profit organizations.

Education, BA in Liberal Arts from UNT with a concentration in Business and International Studies and an MBA in Global Leadership