E43 Pt 2 | Ideas Grow Better in Community | Matthew Schutte

Matthew Schutte is the Co-Founder of Collaborative Advantage and a member of The Meta Currency Project.  The Meta Currency Project is focused on rethinking the foundation of the internet and how it is approached.  Matthew is also a political philosopher, privacy advocate, and most importantly a dedicated surfer.

In part two of this episode Matthew shares how The Meta Currency Project is reshaping the internet, his company Collaborative Advantage, and he answers our rapid fire questions. 

Topics covered in this episode: Measuring what matters, Creating the soil for growth, Ideas grow better with people, Educated but deprived of wisdom, All you need to have community is communication, and so much more.

The biggest bang for buck that you can get in terms of innovation is an improvement on your ability to collaborate.  - Matthew Schutte

Meta Currency Project: http://metacurrency.org/
Website: http://matthewschutte.com/
Collaborative Advantage: http://caplay.org/ or http://calabs.org/

About Matthew Schutte

Matthew is drawn to complex challenges that include: surfing 50 foot waves at Mavericks, rethinking the role of privacy in a societyarchitecting a more useful structure for the internet, & guiding enterprise organizations through changes to their structure and processes that will allow them to adapt and thrive in an age of rapid change.

He tends to focus on projects that satisfy two goals:

  1. they feel like they will have a significant impact on the world &

  2. the process of taking them on will be a whole lot of fun

There is a balance, of course. Some activities make more of an impact and others are simply unbridled entertainment.  While not sure how much of an impact on the world paddling into a big wave has, but somehow, for that brief moment in time, all of the mental clutter seems to disappear as every ounce of my being becomes focused on making the drop.  Plus, facing your own mortality on a somewhat regular basis makes all the heady stuff seem that much less consequential … and thus easy to take on.

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