Build an Execution Habit with Sean Johnson


Having an idea or dream is the start, but how do you execute on that dream or idea? Sean Johnson is an expert on helping entrepreneurs, startups, and organization build better products and experience for their customers. He shares why you need to build your execution habit and how you can create it. We also discuss: Why marketers need to have a stronger voice in product or technology decisions, How to use customer feedback to drive rapid product growth, How to model growth and focus on the levers with the biggest impact, How to ensure new customers have a fantastic first time experience, How to use data to get users to the "aha moment", How to design triggers to create habits and drive long term engagement, Strategies for building effective growth loops to improve referral, Product design principles, and much more

Sean Johnson is a partner at Digital Intent, which helps amazing companies transform themselves with technology. He has deep experience in product design and digital marketing, and helps organizations understand how to combine the two to create better experiences for customers. Sean is a general partner at Founder Equity, a Chicago-based venture fund, and teaches digital marketing at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. He's been featured in Forbes, Inc, Fortune and more on topics related to entrepreneurship, venture capital and digital marketing.

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