E9 | Redesigning Pop Culture | Mark Morris

In this episode I talk to Mark Morris the creative director of SquaredCo about his adventure in starting SquaredCo.  He discusses creativity, inspiration, finding passion, and collaborating to make dreams come true.  He also discusses how he is creating remarkable art that reflects new takes on pop culture.  Mark is sure to encourage you that with some creative thinking, you too can chase your dreams. 

Mark Morris

Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Pop-Culture Lover.

Mark is the creative director for SquaredCo.  SquaredCo. is a creative company based in Southern California that produces original, limited edition goods and specializes in events that bring together fans of pop culture, movies and collectibles.

Currently, he works full-time as a part of the design team at Hogarth Worldwide, a marketing implementation agency. His specialty is design and preparing advertisements along with other marketing communications for print and digital publications.

With more than 5 years of professional design experience, both agency and freelance, he has been a part of the design and development of projects for exceptional brands including:  MazdaTaylor-DunnOrange Coast Magazine, and Jack Adams.

Design is his passion and spends his free time studying design trends and learning new techniques from screen printing to paper art. Because he is always learning, his style has become adaptable and relevant for any brand.

SquaredCo Website: http://www.squaredco.org/
EmmsSquared Website: http://www.emmsquared.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/squaredco/