E9 | Redesigning Pop Culture | Mark Morris

In this episode I talk to Mark Morris the creative director of SquaredCo about his adventure in starting SquaredCo.  He discusses creativity, inspiration, finding passion, and collaborating to make dreams come true.  He also discusses how he is creating remarkable art that reflects new takes on pop culture.  Mark is sure to encourage you that with some creative thinking, you too can chase your dreams. 

E2 | Making Hipster Mickey Mouse | Jerrod Maruyama

Jarrod Maruyama is a freelance illustrator specializing in character design.  He has worked with Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Facebook, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Mattel, and other corporations.  He is best known as the creator of Hipster Mickey.  In this episode we learn about how Jerrod became a illustrator, how he connected with Disney, upcoming shows, passion, and so much more.