E18 | Shaping the World of Surfing | Joshua Martin

In this episode I talk to Josh Martin, owner and craftsman behind Martin Shapes.  Josh builds hand shaped custom surfboards.  His surfboards are used by a wide range of surfers all with the goal to be better connected to their board and the wave they are riding. In this episode we talk about a wide range of topics including the World Longboard Tour, how a hand crafted surfboard is made, collaboration between rider and craftsman, the environment, what it means to carry on the legacy of a father, and so many other amazing topics.  Josh's passions for his craft will encourage you to dig deep to live your purpose.

About Josh Martin

Continuing the Martin family legacy that my father Terry established over 60 years ago brings healing to my heart and joy to my days.... Loving what I do and doing what I love, I've come full circle. I'm forever grateful my father showed me the love for the craft and gave me the needed training and skills to build on.

Starting at a very young age I spent quite a bit of time in and around my dad's shaping room. My first job was as the "clean-up" kid at the old Hobie factory in Capistrano Beach. I eventually graduated from pushing a broom around to cutting out, and foiling fins. Foiling fins for me, was simply like shaping surfboards on a small scale. In the late 80's I began shaping full time at Just Add Water Surfboards in Laguna Canyon. Soon after I started working there I was presented with an opportunity to shape several hundred identical boards for a display in JC Penny stores. I was to be paid half of what I'd make for shaping any other boards at the time. I remember my dad telling me this was a great chance for me to hone in my production skills. I chose to accept the offer. The boards were to be hand shaped. There were no computer shaping programs or CNC shaping machines at the time. I look back today and think about what a privilege it was to have had that opportunity. Systems and methods developed back then are second nature, muscle memory today. I have a special love for the hand shaped surfboard and choose to continue in this traditional craft. For me, it is a joy to jump into my shaping room and create functional pieces of art each and every day. I look forward to building one for you! If I may quote my dad, "I aim to make people happy in the water". I look forward to hearing from you.

Website: https://martinshapes.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martinshapes/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martinshapes/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/martinshapes/
Women's Longboard Tour: http://www.worldsurfleague.com/events/2017/wlt
Men's Longboard Tour: http://www.worldsurfleague.com/events/2017/mlt

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