E54 | Friendship & Fashion | Alessandra Perez-Rubio & Louisa Rechter


In a sea of countless ready-to-wear brands, MESTIZA is the forefront of authenticity and true embracement of culture. Inspired by a shared heritage, co-founders and best friends, Alessandra and Louisa, created the brand to bridge the gap between elevated statement cocktail attire and a contemporary price point.

Louisa and Alessandra met in college, where they bonded over their shared roots in the Philippines – Alessandra grew up in Manila and Louisa’s mother lived in Cebu. Over time, the girls were sharing everything over their obsession with fashion. Under the creative direction of Alessandra, MESTIZA offers show-stopping styles with a nod to vintage wanderlust, from Spanish Matador brocades to Filipino Colonial silhouettes. 

MESTIZA has a unique charity angle where they’ve partnered with the Habi Philippine Textile Council to support female textile weavers in the Philippines. Each piece helps to sustain the Philippine cotton farming industry, create jobs for women, and keep a centuries-old artisanal craft alive.

Topics covered in this episode: Fashion, Risking everything, Philanthropy, Friendship and business, Women in business, Building a brand, and so much more.

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